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Vision 2020


To LOVE all we encounter.

To LEAD the lost to Christ.

To GROW as Christian Believers & Leaders.

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Partner with us

Sunday Mornings:

9 AM East Campus 11 AM Main Campus

Wednesday Nights:

7 PM

Adult, Teens, & Children's Programming 

Pastors Brad & Lisa Wiggs


Focus on the Family

We are dedicating the year 2020 to strengthing families. Together we will build a renewed commitment to God's plan for the "Christian Family Culture". We are chasing Proverbs 24:3-4! You should too!


Helpful Resources

Are you in a struggle? Are you looking for help in a crisis? Do you want to learn more about resources that can help your family? We are eager to connect you with helpful resources to help bring stability, hope, counseling, and a host of other options.


Please email

Pastor Jim Shelton