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Growth Groups have one, simple purpose - to bring people together.  We believe God created us to live in community with others and only then can we experience the full life He intends for us.  


What is a Growth Group?

A Growth Group is made up of people who share similar interests, are in the same stage of life or want to learn from each other.  People gather for all sorts of reasons whether it is playing a sport, doing outreach, meeting for breakfast, or studying the Bible together. The point is not what you meet about, it's that you are regularly meeting with people and living in community as God designed you to do.

Want to Join a Growth Group?

Click the Join a Growth Group button above to find out more information as well as register for our on going Growth Groups! We can't wait for you to plug into community!


Lead a Growth Group

You and I belong in community, and leading a Growth Group is a great way to make that happen.  Simply choose a topic or activity that interests you and select a time and location to meet with others to share it.  We believe people's lives are changed by moving one step at a time towards Christ, and as a Growth Group leader, you get to be a part of that!


Leadership Tools

We are currently forming Growth Groups for the Fall 2019 semester. Growth Groups are Launching Now and will continue until December!

We give you the essential tools to make your Growth Group successful such as leadership training and ongoing coaching throughout your Growth Group semester.