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We Believe,

  • that the only way to salvation is by confessing Jesus as Savior. Salvation has nothing to do with the denomination, but everything to do with Who you believe in as Savior.

  • that the Bible, in its entirety, is the inspired Word of God. The Bible tells us how the world began, how Jesus came to Earth and made the ultimate sacrifice for all mankind, and it gives us wisdom and instruction on Christian living.

  • that everyone is welcome to the kingdom of God. Our focus is on Who we worship. Come as you are and wherever you are in your walk of life. 

  • that we have a responsibility to the next generation. We offer classes for newborns through 5th grade on Sunday morning and Wednesday night. Middle and high school students meet every Wednesday night for youth-led worship and teaching from our youth pastor.

  • that we have a responsibility to share the Good News and the love of God with the world. We reach out to our local community and support various missions through the world. 

  • that the baptism of the Holy Ghost with evidence of speaking in other tongues is a gift from God to all believers.  (Acts 2:1-4, 38)

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